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Just Married: Your 8 Important Post-Wedding To-Dos That Many Newlywed Couples Forget

BBTBAdmin | February 12, 2018

The biggest and most exciting day of your life has come and now, you are already married. You might be enjoying your life as a newlywed couple but there are some things you need to do after the wedding ceremony. If you really want to have a stress-free and hassle-free celebration as a couple, you should not forget to consider some tips. In fact, some couples tend to overlook these aspects causing them to feel stressed and worried about how to handle all these things.

1. What To Do With Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding gown symbolizes everything in your special day. You spent time and money just to find the specific style of your wedding dress. It does not matter if you bought it from a designer shop or at a thrift store. Your goal is to preserve it and make it last. To achieve it, you must have your gown professionally cleaned. Look for a reliable wedding preservationist specializing in bridal dresses.

2. How To Say ‘Thank You” To The Guests

The presence of your family members and friends on your special day deserves “thank you” cards. Send them a card within three months after the wedding ceremony. Spend time to write heartfelt notes to each person. Be honest with what you say in the card to make the receiver feel how sincere you are.

3. Give Reviews To The Vendors Or Suppliers

Finding a trusted wedding vendor or supplier can be a daunting task if you do not have any idea about it. For you find the best vendors for your occasion, you can go online and check some helpful resources. Make sure you leave them a positive and honest review. This is a fantastic way of demonstrating how grateful and satisfied you are for the efforts on your big day. Moreover, your friends and other brides will also consider your reviews for these vendors and suppliers.

4. What About Your Last Name?

You are finally married and you will have his last name. You cannot just change it on your social media accounts. You should take responsibility for the legalities of this important matter. Present your marriage license indicating your new surname. Moreover, do not forget to update other IDs and documents such as driver’s license, bank accounts, and social security card.

5. Gift Registry Exchanges And Returns

You have set up the wedding registry expecting that you are going to receive the accurate number of items registered for. However, it does not work that way. Handle all your exchanges and returns since stores have distinct return policies.

6. The Wedding Album

Reminisce your big days moments with your wedding albums from the photographer. Thus, you should save the best photos and organize them into a timeline. Put them in order and secure the albums in a safe place.

7. Your Wedding Website

Did you make a wedding site with information such as countdown and photos? If so, you should take it down after your wedding. This way, people will not be confused.

8. The Wedding Decorations

There may be DIY projects and leftover supplies after your wedding day. If so, you should clean and put them in the right place. Otherwise, they accumulate dirt and dust.

If you want to enjoy your married life, you should start with organizing everything. Consider these tips to ensure a happy and convenient vacation. For more tips about post-wedding to dos, you can visit some helpful and reliable resources online. Doing so guides you even better on how to be responsible in handling all things after your wedding.

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